A clear vision, a strong collaborative approach, a willingness to address and deal with conflict and disagreement

Interpersonal mediation,
face to face
and online

Consultant psychiatrist

Joe Reilly

Conflict and disputes arise naturally in many areas of our lives- in workplaces, in families and between neighbours. Most are resolved, but occasionally they become entrenched. Escalating conflicts can cause stress, wasted time and disruption. Legal action and other formal processes are costly. A mediator can help you to take a step back, and find a better way forward.

I offer a confidential, impartial and effective mediation service. I enable you to explore the issues, and to find a mutually acceptable solution. As a mediator I can help you to resolve complex and challenging problems swiftly. Mediations can be in person or online. Contact me here for a free discussion, with no obligation.

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I offer a confidential, responsive and independent mediation service in a range of settings, both on a single case basis and via ongoing contracts with organisations. Mediation is flexibly provided both face to face and online via Zoom or MS Teams.


Civil and commercial


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