A clear vision, a strong collaborative approach, a willingness to address and deal with conflict and disagreement


I offer a confidential, responsive and independent mediation service in a range of settings, both on a single case basis and via ongoing contracts with organisations. Mediation is flexibly provided both face to face and online via Zoom or MS Teams.


Conflict is inevitable in the work settings and can be healthy. But it can also heighten stress, impair performance, increase absence, and affect business outcomes. The costs, both financially and emotionally, can be big. Mediation provides an informal way forward outside formal HR processes, and can be highly successful at resolving problems early on.

Civil and commercial

Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods are increasingly helping people to deal with their differences before a costly legal process becomes deeply embedded and irreversible.'


Difficulties between neighbours and other community conflicts can be distressing and persistent. Mediation can enable a conversation at an early stage and create space for agreement.

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